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USS Cony Swords used by Joseph S. Cony
in battle, Stolen and then Recovered




Good morning, Roger!

Thank you for your note! I’m over the moon that these family heirlooms have finally “reappeared” after searching for them for over a year, no help from the local police. My new career as Sherlock Holmes has paid off, lol.

The short version is that they were stolen from my mother’s home in late 2018 or January 2019 and taken to an auction house in Brimfield, MA in Feb. 2019; then sold a couple more times, resold at a big auction house in Baltimore in March 2019, and sold again to finally make their way into a private collection in North Carolina. I found them by contacting many people and websites that collect/sell/trade antique weapons and by sharing the photographs that you and I had, including one video of my son playing with them. Finally, three different antique weapons collectors were able to help me piece together where they went. And because Joseph S. Cony’s name was on the hilt, the buyers could trace his history and know that they were valuable, selling at over $15,000. What a circus this has been! Persistence and sheer will reminds me of the phrase “Can Do Cony!” I think I might have either borrowed or inherited some of that!

The next phase is to help the Maine Maritime Museum set up an exhibit, which will include the photos of the launch of the USS 508!

Best Wishes,


I asked Jill if I could post her correspondence on the Cony Website.

Dear Roger,

Thank you so much for your interest and of course feel free to post. I think I might have mentioned it already but it would be better coming from you! You did after all provide a photograph that may have helped in their recovery! Thank you so much for that! And honestly, had it not been for that sailor walking into a bar that helped us make the connection to you and the rest of the wonderful USS Cony veterans, I never would have had any photographs to share with the auction dealer's arms collectors or Police Department. It is amazing how serendipitous it was when I think about how that sailor sat down next to me at the bar in New Bedford. It was so unusual because I am not from New Bedford nor have I been there since! I wish I could remember his name or his contact information, I would really like to thank him! What serendipity!

All things Covid have been incredibly isolating here, and because my mother's cognitive decline is ongoing and she is in a memory card facility, I just visit through the window. She was not allowed to leave all summer long, and now with the holidays approaching, the reality is a bitter pill to swallow. I certainly hope we can get a vaccine soon, as I would like to be able to get my mother out of there for a little break and a hug!

Good to stay in touch with you! Please give my regards to everyone and take care!

Best Wishes,