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  Webmastered by Roger Rieman, Official Cony Association Roster Keeper
I served on the USS Cony DD-508 from 1962 until 1965 in the OI Division.
I originated this website in 1997 and have reacquainted with many of my shipmates
and have many new shipmate friends because of it and hopefully you will too.
flashing   Cony Website is CLOSING DOWN
Posted 10/2/2021 Cony website is closing down August 22, 2022
Today I am giving notice that I will maintain the Cony website until the domain name expires on August 22, 2022. At that time I will let it drift off into the sunset.
The last couple of years there has been a real lack of interest. Besides a great deal of work that I put into, it is also expensive for me with the domain and hosting expenses. I wouldn't mind any of it if I thought it was worth it, but I don't think that is the case.
In email exchanges with Burns Rafferty (son of Keen A Rafferty Jr.) we discussed the Cony website being around AFTER it is officially retired. That reminded me of a free website tool that archives websites when there are major changes to it. I am providing that link here so that even after the website is retired, you will be able to access a very limited version if for nothing else, nostalgia.
It is called the Wayback Machine and has kept partial backups of since 2006.

I recommend that you make a bookmark of the site so that you (or your children) may find it in the future.
The Wayback Machine
No more Cony annual reunions

Cony annual reunions have come to an end. (Unless someone takes the initiative.)
Short and imprompto get togethers would be nice in a place that would be central to all that are interested in attending. No planned activities, mostly just to visit and spend time together.
If no one takes over the newsletter or the get togethers, it comes down to the Cony website is the last and only place that there is any activity involving Cony shipmates & that too is coming to an end.

Newsletter (Updated July 5, 2021)
  Reunion2020 Newsletter for July 2021 & FINAL NEWSLETTER
Attention Cony Crew!
  If any of your information (address, phone, email, etc) has changed in recent years, you should send me those corrections so that I can keep the roster up-to-date.
Please email me @ the address at the top of this page.
I would also appreciate any emails, just to know if anyone is checking our website from time to time.
Thanks, Roger
Requirements for USS Cony Association Membership
If you served on the USS Cony DD/ DDE 508 at anytime during her active service, you are eligible to be added to the Cony Association's roster and you will receive the Cony newsletter that is  emailed to you
in PDF form, 3 or 4 times a year. 
If you would like to be added to the USS Cony Association roster please send an email to me (see email address near top of page)  with your years onboard the Cony, your last rate/rank while aboard, your home address and phone number.
Your name, rate/rank and years onboard will be added to the "limited" version of the roster posted on this website, but your other information will only be given to other Cony Association members.
There are no Dues to be included in the Cony Association roster.


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